Evolution – Total Transformation

Evolution – Total Transformation

The perfect solution to start 2016 with a bang!!!

As everyone already knows Im a big fan of health and fitness but also a massive fan of food!! Ive tried every diet, detox, quick fix, fad diet there is too keep trim over the years but what I’ve grown to realise is healthy eating and exercise is the key.. It’s 70% diet 30% exercise. The majority of the time I eat good and follow a low carb high protein diet. But sometimes I fall of the wagon just like everyone does and I need a bit of a kick up the bum!

I was introduced to the Evolution transformation by a friend and I’m up for trying anything when it comes to weight loss as long as it’s a healthy way.  After  speaking to Rob Brennan the man behind Evolution total transformation  10 day programme proven to help you drop 8-10 pounds just by eating clean, I had to give it a whirl!

My food was delivered packaged to perfection with every meal clearly labeled, the chef came inside and talked me through my next three days of the diet. It was very simple and easy and nothing needed to be warmed up in the microwave which I was happy about as I hate microwaving food anyway. Most of the food can be eaten cold but most of the tea time meals required a 10 min warm up in the pan. Easy peasy!

Rob is a nutrition expert so along with a macro chef they both carefully constructed the eating plans which all consist of freshly prepared food which is gluten and diary free, my 10 day plan consisted of three meals per day, with a snack. To go along side the food is also some natural herbal food supplements some  liquid chlorophyll to make sure your body is getting everything it possibly needs.

For instance day 1

  • Breakfast – High Protein breakfast bar
  • Lunch – chicken satay salad
  • Dinner– chicken tai green curry
  • Snack– chocolate brownie

I have to say I was totally impressed the food was amazing and so tasty I actually text rob to say how much I loved the food and couldn’t Belive it was a detox. I was probably eating more food than what I do when I’m not dieting. That’s what made it so easy to do.


I wouldn’t even look at it as a diet or detox it’s more of a way of life and it’s perfect for people who have a busy schedule and haven’t the time to prep their food and perfect for those who just don’t know how to eat healthily. I lost 7lb in total and felt fantastic you don’t have to work out  whilst doing the evolution plan but I still done my training. Im a big fan of healthy eating anyway but I would highly recommend the Evolution Total Transformation its a great kick start for anyone wanting to lose some weight and get in the habit of eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle and a great way to start of 2016 a new healthier you.

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