Celebrity Smile

Celebrity Smile

The new break through whitening toothpaste from America has landed in the UK. With results just after brushing once it’s a must have for your beauty routine. The most powerful whitening toothpaste that’s recommended by dentists as a powerful stain remover. Calcium peroxide dissolves difficult to remove stains deep inside the teeth. No more yellow stained teeth with this miracle tooth paste.


Surface stains are gently polished away and the unique formula leave teeth shiny and sparkly white and the gentle tartar control ingredients leaves teeth smooth and shiny whilst eliminating plaque.

It leaves a long lasting minty fresh taste while also freshens breath. It’s a winner! Here is some before and after pictures of the amazing results…


This one below is after only one use!!

image6 image9

With celebrity smile firmly becoming a Celeb favourite The good news is They are now stocking in salons across the UK!


You can have your own stand set up in your salon of this amazing product just like the one below..


If you would like to order some Celebrity smile or stock your salon please contact..

Tel: 07748542838