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posted by Amanda, 1st October 2015 , Categories: Health & Fitness, Lifestyle

My journey with PT elite

My journey with PT elite

As it stands I’ve always been into health and fitness, I’ve never been obsessive but I’ve always gone to the gym and tried to eat right since the age of about 19. But two years ago I was introduced to PT Elite by my fellow Scousewife Elissa Corrigan.

I started training with them 2 days a week, I can remember my first session with Lewis (owner and founder of Pt Elite) I don’t think I could walk for 3 days afterwards! Even though I had always done classes at the gym this was on another level. It was so hard and challenging I felt so unfit.

But two years on I can honestly say my fitness and technique is somewhere I thought it would never be. My body is so much leaner and has changed shape, and I can squat and lunge with up to 60kg but when I first started I was only able to do 20kg my strength has come on massively. That myth about girls lifting weights makes you bigger is so not true. It makes you leaner and have more definition I actually love lifting weights. The heavier the better, cardio is my pet hate, But I still do it because it has to be done.

The functional training and circuit type of training I do is so much more beneficial that running on a treadmill for an hour.

As for the food side of things I’m only Human and I’m not training to compete in a competition so I do have a little cheat of a weekend because I love my food too much. But since being involved with these guys I’ve now learnt a healthy balance that suits my life style. My down fall is wine and chocolate and if I didn’t have these things I would be miserable. I have a lot of events I have to go to so I find it hard to go there and not have a little drink. So I just don’t go to that many any more I choose my fitness first. I also have my photo shoots and I have to feel good in a bikini.

Monday to Friday I make sure my food is on point, I make a healthy smoothie in the Nutri bullet with all types of fruit and veg and seeds. Or I’ll have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs or an omelette. Then lunch I normally have a salad and for dinner it’s always a nice piece  of steak, fish or chicken with spinach and sweet potato, I basically have a really low carb diet with lots of protein then of a weekend sat/sun I will indulge in the things I enjoy and I’ve found that’s what makes it work with me as I know I’m able to have the things I like of a weekend.

When I have a holiday coming up like I have in a few days I will step it up and make sure I work out every day and cut the cheat days out about a month before. The good thing about training with Pt Elite is that it’s all one to one training so the focus is all on you.. I can can honestly say my lifestyle has changed a lot from what it used to be. I feel healthier and happier and fitness is now a big part of my life. It’s took me a good while to get the food balance but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!! I got there in the end thanks to these guys and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

If your interested in getting involved and changing your lifestyle contact details are below….

Wirral Studio
92 Banks Road
West Kirby
CH48 0RE
0151 668 0250

Liverpool Studio
7 Summers Road
Century Building
Brunswick Business Park
L3 4BJ
0151 668 0250

Or speak to Lewis himself on 07771 533 408

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posted by Amanda, , Categories: Health & Fitness

Aesthetically You

Aesthetically You

Aesthetically you is an award winning clinic based in the heart of Liverpool. At 25 Rodney street L19EH.

They offer the highest standards to all of there Clients. All procedures are carried out by registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Independent/Supplementary Prescribers who have a minimum of ten years experience and specialise in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

2At Aesthetically You Their aim is- to restore and enhance your skin’s natural beauty whilst maintaining soft, subtle results. They specialise in the latest non-surgical treatments that can effectively reverse the signs of ageing. They offer wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers for wrinkles and deeper folds, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement, dermapen, dermaroller, mesotherapy, the Obagi skin care system and more.

My experience with Aesthetically you…

3I was introduced to Aesthetically you about a year ago and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve done. This day and age the pressure to look good is immense and we all want to look our best at all times. But in my job it’s a must and part of my every day routine.

Since going to see Michelle the clinics owner Ive had regular skin peels to keep my skin nice I’ve also tried the derma roller, I look after my skin and always have but as you get older you have to make that extra effort to keep your skin glowing and I think and feel like my skin has never looked better.

As for lip fillers I tried lip filler about 7 years ago and it just didn’t suit me as my lips have always been quite big anyway, but I tried it and regretted it as it give me that duck type pout which I hate!! I was left with a few lumps in my lips which no one could see but I could feel them with my tongue! I was always scared to mess with them again and didn’t touch them for so long. But after going to see Michelle and looking at the results of her clients lips there wasn’t a duck pout in site!! So I decided to try it again.

Michelle dissolved the previous bits of filler still left in my lips and just put a small amount in as I didn’t want anything too dramatic plus I’m like a big baby when it come to needles!! But I can honestly say I’m so happy with them now and I keep wanting more! But natural is what Michelle is all about.

Take a look at some of the fabulous lips Michelle has created on these gorgeous clients.

45Lip Plumping and Shaping

One of the Lip Augmentation Liverpool treatments is Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE which creates full and plump looking lips and gives lips a sultry natural looking pout. In addition to this, Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE can reduce the appearance of creases and fine lines around the lips revealing a smoother and more youthful smile.

For more info on lip plumping and shaping you can contact the clinic below:

25 Rodney Street
Tel: 0151 427 0014
Mobile : 07749118000

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posted by Amanda, , Categories: Beauty