Aesthetically You

Aesthetically You

Aesthetically you is an award winning clinic based in the heart of Liverpool. At 25 Rodney street L19EH.

They offer the highest standards to all of there Clients. All procedures are carried out by registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Independent/Supplementary Prescribers who have a minimum of ten years experience and specialise in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

2At Aesthetically You Their aim is- to restore and enhance your skin’s natural beauty whilst maintaining soft, subtle results. They specialise in the latest non-surgical treatments that can effectively reverse the signs of ageing. They offer wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers for wrinkles and deeper folds, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement, dermapen, dermaroller, mesotherapy, the Obagi skin care system and more.

My experience with Aesthetically you…

3I was introduced to Aesthetically you about a year ago and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve done. This day and age the pressure to look good is immense and we all want to look our best at all times. But in my job it’s a must and part of my every day routine.

Since going to see Michelle the clinics owner Ive had regular skin peels to keep my skin nice I’ve also tried the derma roller, I look after my skin and always have but as you get older you have to make that extra effort to keep your skin glowing and I think and feel like my skin has never looked better.

As for lip fillers I tried lip filler about 7 years ago and it just didn’t suit me as my lips have always been quite big anyway, but I tried it and regretted it as it give me that duck type pout which I hate!! I was left with a few lumps in my lips which no one could see but I could feel them with my tongue! I was always scared to mess with them again and didn’t touch them for so long. But after going to see Michelle and looking at the results of her clients lips there wasn’t a duck pout in site!! So I decided to try it again.

Michelle dissolved the previous bits of filler still left in my lips and just put a small amount in as I didn’t want anything too dramatic plus I’m like a big baby when it come to needles!! But I can honestly say I’m so happy with them now and I keep wanting more! But natural is what Michelle is all about.

Take a look at some of the fabulous lips Michelle has created on these gorgeous clients.

45Lip Plumping and Shaping

One of the Lip Augmentation Liverpool treatments is Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE which creates full and plump looking lips and gives lips a sultry natural looking pout. In addition to this, Juvéderm® ULTRA SMILE can reduce the appearance of creases and fine lines around the lips revealing a smoother and more youthful smile.

For more info on lip plumping and shaping you can contact the clinic below:

25 Rodney Street
Tel: 0151 427 0014
Mobile : 07749118000